Monday, September 22, 2008

The Stinker

Charlie is a stinker. My definition of a "stinker" is one who does mischievous actions, but is so cute you can't get mad. That may not be in the dictionary, but it works for me.

Case in point: on Saturday we were attempting to do some major cleaning and organizing of the house (we're such procrastinators that our spring cleaning takes place in the fall). All of a sudden we can't find Charlie, but soon have a good idea where he is because the baby gate has been partially knocked down. Hmmm.

Not sure how this little guy did it, but I have a feeling that his two older brothers are good instructors. (Side note: if you have 20 min. this is an interesting presentation about how kids learn. It gives me more confidence in having more than one child!).

It's just so hard to get mad at him when he has that dopey grin spread out on his face! Although with the foul T-shirt and ripped up '80s jorts I should know better than to think this guy is all innocent!

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