Monday, May 24, 2010


When we were in Cleveland the Robert Redford movie The Natural came on tv. Because of our love of baseball, this is a favorite of mine and Kevin. In fact, when the dj announced our arrival at our wedding reception, the theme song from the movie played. (Yeah, we're dorks.)

Apparently we haven't allowed the boys to watch the movie yet because when a scene came on showing Roy Hobbs' bat Louie went into shock. We couldn't tell if he was laughing or what he was doing, but he kept making a laughing-like sound while the scene took place. When it was over we discovered what got the little guy all worked up: Roy Hobbs has the exactly replica of a bat Lou was given by his grandpa when he was two-years-old.

Both Lou and Ben now have a Wonderboy bat and use it quite often when they're practicing.

Louie is currently obsessed with Roy Hobbs. He has made a lightning bolt patch that he has scotch-taped to the sleeve of his baseball jersey. He wants to be number 9 now, so he made a piece of paper that will go on his back.

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