Friday, May 7, 2010

Game 2

The weather for the second game of the season couldn't have been nicer. The turnout wasn't what we would have wished for, but some good things happened. I forgot the camera, so below I'll type out Kevin's version of what happened at the game:

Angels vs. Reds
Lost, 13-10
Ben: 3-4
Lou: 4-4
Attendees: Grandma & Grandpa R.

The Angels were up four runs going into the bottom of the 5th. They got two outs with no runs scoring, then couldn't get the final out.

The Highlights: With Ben playing 2nd and Lou at 1st, a ground ball was hit to Ben. He fields and throws to Louie for the out. Lou had 5 putouts. Too bad the rest of the team couldn't pay attention in the field.

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