Wednesday, May 12, 2010

35 Years

On Saturday we went up to Columbus for the special occasion of celebrating Kevin's parents' 35th wedding anniversary! To start off the day we took the first family portrait that their family's had since...maybe Kevin was a sophomore in college. Whenever it was, it was definitely something that needed to be done because off all the new additions.

After the picture-taking session ended we were surprised with a ride to the restaurant in a limo! I wasn't in a limo until well into my 20s, so I will be first to admit that these kids are spoiled (I may just be jealous!). They climbed in first and claimed the bench that backed up to the driver. They had a great time.

They were very wound up, as you can see in this shot. When we got to the Worthington Inn we had a room to ourselves, which worked out great for three boys to play and a little girl to have a nap. And for us grownups to hang out and talk.

It is a beautiful restaurant with delicious food--just the perfect place to celebrate the anniversary of such a special occasion!

Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad!
We love you :)

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