Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Play Ball!

It's that time of year again, and this time Louie is joined by Benny on the Angels baseball team. We've been anticipating this moment ever since last season ended, so there was no need to get the boys pumped up for this--they were there weeks ago!

We had tickets for the Reds game after the Angels' game, so in packing up hot dogs and juice boxes it didn't leave us time to get to the game until it had started. Walking in I captured Louie's first hit of the season--a double!

Here's Benny's wallop of a hit! He looks so minature out there compared to the rest of the guys. It probably doesn't help that he's almost five and this is a six and seven-year-old league. But he holds his own!

Each inning the kids are put in a different position. Obviously, they like the infield the best, where the action is, but each time the Angels take the field Lou and Ben race to their position and put their hands on their knees.

Benny was pretty pumped to be the catcher. He definitely looked like he knew what he was doing, squatting there with one hand behind his back. He may be pint-sized, but that wasn't going to stop him from doing his best.

We were worried that the game wasn't going to be played because when I went to check on the fields at 2pm they still had standing water. The guys who work on the field must have used some magic because even though the dirt was a bit moist, they definitely got it playable between then and gametime.

Kevin is an assistant coach this year for the Angels. His main job is to get the kids ready to bat and help them at the plate.

Although she went to many games in my belly last year, this was Meredith's first time watching her brothers play. The first of more than she'll be able to keep track of.

Louie and Benny did well, but the Angels fell to the Indians 6-5 that day. Uncle Paul, Uncle Jeff, Grandma and Grandpa R. were in attendance, rooting on the boys.

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