Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The First Win

A great crowd came out to see the game! Uncle Denny, Aunt Sherry, Stephanie, Grandma and Grandpa R, Uncle Nate, Aunt Joanie, Uncle Josh and Zissou, Uncle Billy and Katie were all there to cheer the Angels on to their first victory of the season! Unfortunately, my camera's battery was dead so no visuals of this special occasion.

Again, here's Kevin's review of the game (the parentheses are mine):

Angels vs. Cardinals
Win, 20-5
Ben: 4-4
Lou: 3-4

The Angels batted all 11 batters 3 of the 5 innings. Gavin (a boy who has struggled mightily, and Kevin has been working with, since the beginning) had a big game with 4 hits. Lou's out was a pop-up to the pitcher (in my opinion, one of the best opponents we've seen thus far). Luckily, the Cardinals had no offense to speak of. Lou and Ben both played catcher for an inning. Lots of playing in the dirt by the Angels' infield--it was tough to watch even though it was a win!

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