Monday, May 24, 2010

Cleveland Rocks

But the Reds win the series!

We went to the Friday night game of the Ohio Cup with Uncle Paul, Aunt Joanie, Uncle Josh, Matt and Emily. Kevin was already in Cleveland for work when I picked up Louie from school early on Friday and headed north for our weekend with Aunt Cassie and Uncle Paul.

Some QT between Meredith and Uncle Joshie

Uncle Paul says he was rooting for the Indians, but he fits right in with these guys!

Charlie and Aunt Joanie enjoying the game

Charlie is not afraid of much, but this mascot makes the list. He was completely freaked out! (I kind of am, too.)

All the guys went fishing on Saturday and afterward we went to the West Side Market.

A battle broke out between Superman and Ironman.

I'm not sure how old the market is, but there are so many details to the building, you know it's over 100 years old. I'm not talking about this painted wall, though.

I tried to get some pictures inside of the small details, but they didn't turn out. On the top of columns (?) there were friezes of what the market sold--crabs and fish; bread products; fruits and veggies.

On Sunday, Kevin helped Uncle Paul put the motor on his boat and we hung out by the lake.

Meredith's eyes were sensitive to the sun, but she smiled because she loves her Uncle Paul.

Not everyone's eyes are open, but we're all looking at the camera!

Louie wanted me to share with you his creation by the lake. I think it was a fort.

A detail of the trip that I didn't get a good picture of, but wanted to share was that Ben killed some mussels. Lots of them. Aunt Cassie's store was having a "Whale of a Sale" on seafood, so on Saturday night we had a seafood feast. The boys all love shrimp, but Ben ventured out of that comfort zone to eat mussels and he loved them! I'm sure that's due to Aunt Cassie's fantastic culinary skills!

Thank you, Uncle Paul and Aunt Cassie for hosting us for such a great weekend!

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