Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mere Bear

Over the weekend Meredith turned 11-months-old. I'm not embarking on any new territory by saying how hard it is for me to believe that we're closing in on a year already. No, she's not walking yet. She's not even crawling, but she is developing and becoming her own little person.

I love that when I hold her she now holds on to me. What a great feeling! She knows the important people in her life and she gets so excited to see them. Especially in the morning when her brothers come into her room singing their "Good Morning" song.

Her nickname is destined to be "Scooter." She has developed the ability to fly across the room on her bottom. I've never seen another kid do what she does! Who says you have to do what all the other kids are doing (i.e. crawling before walking)? This girl has an independent streak that runs deep and she's showing us what she's got :)

She chatters so much more than the boys ever did, I feel like we'll have one of those talky-talk girls that annoy the boys before long. She has been such a pleasant baby, I can't wait to see what her toddler years bring!

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