Monday, May 17, 2010

Grace's Birthday Party

After a rainy week, what a nice surprise it was to have a gorgeous day on Saturday to celebrate Gracie's birthday! Erin made the cupcakes above that were as cute as they were delicious--vanilla cupcakes with strawberries and blackberries and a tiny bumble-bee that sat on top!

The boys played baseball, of course, but I'm sure you are tired of seeing pictures of that so I'll post one of one our favorite families--Jimmy, Jay and Abbe. I wish you could better see Jay's adorable plaid bucket hat with matching alligator polo and khaki shorts!

Poor Gracie started off her party with a big goose egg on her forehead, but that didn't stop the fun. She's a trooper and within minutes was smiling that classic Gracie smile, thanks in part to Aunt Mandy's gift of a tiger that blows bubbles!

Meredith sat their patiently and took notes on what you're supposed to do at your first birthday party.

Here's the lovely little lady with her godparents, Kevin and Gretchen.

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