Monday, February 2, 2009

Cleveland Trip

Awake at 7:30am, they came down the steps with their favorite stuffed animal (for the moment) and their blankies and announced they were ready to go to Aunt Cassie and Uncle Paul's.

I told them that we're going to leave at lunchtime. Every half hour after that they asked if it was time to go yet. They were very excited for the weekend.

Fortunately, the trip there went quickly. It is unbelievable how much snow they get! The entire weekend the boys begged to go outside and I think that even if it was possible, we would have lost Charlie, there was just that much snow. Below is a picture of the lake, but I don't think it shows it well enough. I didn't realize that the shallow parts freeze. I just figured it was like the ocean and with the waves crashing all the time it didn't allow for it to harden. Let's just say I'm glad I don't know from personal experience! Boy, it's cold!

It was a fun trip. Grandma & Grandpa R. were there with Great-Grandpa M. Aunt Erin & Uncle Joe drove with Aunt Joanie & Josh. The house was packed and we had a great time.

The boys love to climb on top of Daddy and their uncles' shoulders. This time it turned into a game of "chicken."

Aunt Cassie and Uncle Paul are incredible cooks and so we are treated to great meals during our stay. Even the dinosaurs got to join in.

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Amanda said...

Charlie's pjs are too cute!