Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Naps, or lack there of

I think Charlie is officially done with taking two naps. There are definitely days where it seems like he could use two, but rarely does that happen. Unfortunately, the time he chooses to take his nap doesn't correspond to when I try to get the other two to lie down...

Louie may be done with naps all together. It is a pain to try to get him to just be quiet in his room, let alone actually fall asleep. Although, I have noticed that when he doesn't get naps he's more whiny and irritable. Now, trying to get him to understand how the two correlate is a different story. Next school year he'll go from 7:45am-2:40pm, which is a long time to be in school. I wonder if they have any time to rest.

Benny still naps. Once a day. Even if he refuses to at the appropriate time, he'll be completely zonked out at dinnertime.

But I haven't thrown out the old schedule completely yet. I figure things may change once the weather gets warmer and I run and run and run them like the pups they are. Pretty much my chances of being able to rest, too, are about one in a million.

So you're saying I have a chance!

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