Thursday, January 29, 2009

Winter Images

Here is a collection of pictures of what's going on at our house and winter art that the boys did at school. (I apologize for some of them not being all that clear. They were taken through a window, because I am not going out there!)

Up the street from us, after the salt truck had been through the neighborhood three times.

I think this is funny: our icicle lights have turned into real icicles. Every icicle light's dream!

Our bird feeder has its own pile of snow and mini-icicles.

This doesn't look as dramatic as it really is. The branch from our tree is touching the ground from the weight of the ice!

I wish this were clearer. The patio structure next door is covered in icicles. Do you see that poor tree? It's touching the ground from all the ice. I hope it's not ruined! It's a beautiful tree.

This gives you kind of an indication of how much snow there is. And many of you are laughing right now because its nothing! You're right, but the mailman hasn't come to my door because there is a good two feet on the porch.

Louie's penguin. It has a piece of yarn on it so it acts kind of like a puppet.

Louie's snowman. It has a real scarf!

I can't remember if I already showed this or not, but after Christmas Uncle Nate took Lou and Ben to the aquarium and this is the picture Louie drew of the penguins.

On Inauguration Day Louie's class made patriotic wind socks.
They also talked a lot about our new president, as I've told you about. The kids also said what they would do if they became president. A couple of cute ones were:
  • Ride Air Force One
  • (then) Ride Air Force Five & Six
  • Go shopping in Washington D.C.
  • Louie said: Save Money (whaa? I don't think he's our kid)
Benny's snowman

Benny's hats (small, medium, big)

Benny's blue mittens.

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