Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Benny is learning to write his name and it's been a struggle. It's almost like the muscles in his hands don't want to cooperate. A pen looks awkward in his little paw.

So when he brought home a paper that his teacher made his name into a connect-the-dots and he traced over it, it was a big deal and everyone cheered on Benny.

Well, Lou did at first. Then he said, "Benny, is your named spelled "B-E-N-upside-down-U-L-L?"

That set Mr. Ben off, "It's NOT an upside-down-U!! Mom! Tell Lou it's not!"

He works so hard, and I felt bad for him, but really, it's something he's got to get used to. Siblings truly enjoy ribbing each other. He'll be fine.

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