Monday, February 9, 2009

Begging for Spring

Yesterday I saw that Monday was going to be nice and warm, so of course I wanted to take advantage of it. I guess I failed to realize that "nice" started at about noon and we went to the zoo at 10am.

The boys had hats and gloves and jackets on over sweatshirts. They claimed they were "toasty" and didn't want to wear the gloves or hats. As time went on it did start to warm up a bit and little by little they started shedding.

There was a fairly good crowd there today, so I wasn't the only person forcing their kids to be outside. The zoo is under a great deal of construction though, so the pathways have lots of mud and gravel, and trucks as well as backhoes come out of no where. We had to be careful.

To fight some of the chill (Charlie shed his gloves in the van and refused to wear mine) and the backhoes, we went into the manatee house. In less than five seconds Lou pretty much ruined my day. The last couple times we were in there, the manatees were not. We were pleasantly surprised to see them both out when we got there. "Slip" and "Lil' Joe," as they're known, were lying down on the floor of the tank. It seemed pretty odd since usually they're doing this fancy underwater ballet when we see them.

Lou asked what was going on and I said that maybe they were resting. His response was, "Like what you do, Mommy." Ugh. So, not only am I lazy and lie around all the time, but I'm as big as a manatee! Yes, I will admit that last night I spent a good portion of the evening resting and reading. I've been really tired lately and had a enormous headache that could only be cured by going to bed and reading...far away from screaming munchkins.

I am a manatee.

Don't think I'll be posting any pictures of myself until after the baby's born. WAY after the baby's born.

By the way, I couldn't tell the boys what the manatees were actually doing. The warm weather we're having isn't the only sign that spring is on its way. There's a good chance there's going to be some lil' manatees running around the zoo soon...

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Liz said...

You are not a manatee. You are a beautiful pregnant mama!