Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jungle Jim's Field Trip

Each year our family does a Jungle Jim outing. Not that we don't go out there other times during the year, but this is when all my aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, grandpa and parents meet at the Starbucks counter at noon, then we go through the different sections of the building together, looking for crazy delicacies to take home.

Afterward, we go to my parents and cook up what we found. Some of the highlights were: seafood stirfry (with nice chunky squid); deer chili; duck head soup; wildebeest meat; kimchee (fermented cabbage); fish balls; bamboo shoots; and chicken feet. Yes, chicken feet. Complete with toe nails!

It's amazing what people will put in their mouths! I guess things that seem completely bizarre to us is just as common as burgers and fries elsewhere in the world. There was a plate with the chicken feet on it and the boys immediately saw it when the came in from playing outside. Like it was a chip or some sort of snack, Ben came over, picked one up and started chomping on it.

My first reaction was to stop him, but then I realized that it wasn't going to kill him (unless he eats a toe nail and it gets lodged somewhere in him). And I can't keep them from doing things that freak me out. Charlie followed suit. When Lou came in a few minutes later and took part in his brothers' snack. You may think that they just didn't know what they were eating. They did. When each had one the plate was empty and Lou asks, "Mom, are there anymore chicken feet?"

Don't believe me? Here's proof:

Joanie and Josh got Charlie this adorable outfit for Christmas. Unfortunately, we don't have any weddings or other events to dress up for, so he got to wear his crushed velvet sports coat, pin-striped oxford and tweed pants to Jungle Jim Day!


Amanda said...

Holy adorable outfit, Batman! (Pow! Bam! It's late...I shouldn't be allowed to comment on people's blogs past ten. Anyway...) That outfit is so stinking cute! You should put it on him every day! And, I applaud your restraint. It seems like it goes against a mother's nature to let her kids eat chicken feet. Doesn't it amaze you what they will eat compared with what they won't?!

Joe, Katie and Taylor said...

Charlie is totally pimpin' in his outfit! How cute! I can't believe you only have like 3 months left before baby bumber 4! You'll have frosted hair like Nezzy in no time! :)

Annie said...

...Now if I could only cook like Nezzy!