Thursday, February 12, 2009

VIP Night

During the week of Valentine's Day the boys' school has what they call VIP Night. It's a time for someone who doesn't normally get to see the school and possibly help out during class to get a taste for what goes on. With us having both of the boys there, Kevin couldn't be in both classrooms at once so I went with Louie and he, with Benny.

It was a lot of fun. Although I drop off and pick up Louie every day, my only chance thus far to be in the classroom was snowed out and I don't know if I'll be able to get back in there before his birthday party.

Most of the VIPs were daddies, but there was another mother, a few grandmas and and Uncle Jerry. It's neat to see these kids in action whom Louie talks about all the time.

In Benny's room, it sounded like things went pretty much the same. The kids had to introduce who their VIP was and one little girl announced that she brought her "Aunt Foo Foo." Apparently that got a few laughs. Nothing like coming to terms with the fact that not every family has nicknames for their loved ones. This coming from someone who knows this all too well...

We played mainly with the classroom's animal set, which included farm, jungle and forest animals. Louie also wanted to do a Valentine counting game and then we played with the pink play dough with heart cookie cutters.

After the VIP Night was over we met up with Daddy and Benny and headed to Graeter's! Daddy and Louie started the tradition last year and who was I to break tradition?? If you happen to stop by the treatery any time soon, please get a scoop of ice cream on top of a Snyder's pretzel cone--it is great!

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