Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Fear Comes True

I'm not much a fan of the '80s. I realize that the 1980s were a good portion of my childhood, but I was more of a '70s person, as far as music goes.

So if I'm listening to the radio for music I'll most often listen to the "Classic Rock" station. In the last year or so these stations have been including '80s hair bands in their definition of "Classic Rock." I cannot tell you how much this disgusts me.

What may be worse is that after a great song by Led Zeppelin, a hair band song is played and all three boys are rockin' out, bobbing their heads to the music. Ugh. Nothing could be worse. Maybe if I make an effort to display my dismay they'll stop. Because they're still at that age where they want to appease me.

Later that day we were watching an episode of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood and Charlie was bobbing his head to the show's theme. Maybe I shouldn't worry about it.

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