Monday, January 19, 2009

A glimpse of the baby

This is the baby's profile, with its head on the left and you can somewhat see the arm next to the trunk of its body.

I didn't realize that the machine in my doctor's office does 4D as well. This may be a bit harder to see at first, but what you're looking at it the baby looking over its shoulder at you. In the middle of the picture is the head with the eyes looking at your right ear. There's a little bony shoulder below the head. Yes, I know its creepy.

The appointment was at 2:15pm, which wasn't exactly ideal for little boys who get tired in the late afternoon, but it worked for Daddy. I had a hard time waking Ben up and got his coat, hat, gloves, and shoes on while he was still sleeping. My parents met us at the doctor's office and my mom asked Ben who put his shoes on. I looked down. They were on the wrong feet. I have a feeling that by adding a fourth baby into the mix things like that are going to happen much, much more often.

It has been such a hard transition going from my last doctor to my new one. My current doctor couldn't be any nicer, but I was spoiled with the last three pregnancies. All the nurses new my name without first having to check a file. They joked with me and asked how our family was doing. My doctor knew me back when I was a young, naive childless woman and saw me worry less and less with each pregnancy. Now, it seems like more of a business. The receptionist and nurses smile (sometimes), but they have no idea who I am and really, couldn't care less if I had a family.

Even the ultrasound technicians are different. The last one got so giddy and excited for our babies, you'd think she was having it. This one flew through the process and I feel like we didn't get to see much of the baby. I had to remind her to put in the DVD so we could have it recorded. That is definitely pretty neat and I wish that I could figure out a way to upload a minute of it to the blog. She didn't seem to excited to have the boys in the room. I don't know. Maybe I expect too much. I just thought she'd cater to them a little bit, show them the body parts a little more. I know, I know. I was spoiled before. But I wish we had a couple more pictures. In the past I've gotten five, showing the arms, legs, feet, different angles of the head.

OK, I'm a cranky pregnant lady in the dead of winter. I'm finished with my rant :) Have a great week!

P.S. I'll end on a happy note so you don't think I'm as cranky: Benny, who normally doesn't think of anyone but himself, has been so incredibly caring about the baby. He's always grabbing throw blankets to put on my belly to "keep the new baby warm." He'll come up to me and say, "Mom, I want to tell the new baby something." OK, go ahead Ben. "I want to tell the new baby that I will take care of him." Or, "I want to tell the new baby that he can be like me when he's three." (Oh, help us.)

P.P.S. No we didn't find out what we're having, if you didn't figure that out yet. I'm keeping an open mind that a little lady might be entering our household, but honestly, I am having a hard time visualizing that. I know boys and if we do get blessed with a girl that'll be great, but I'm leaning toward the male gender in my prediction. Even Lou, who all this time has been saying that Aunt Erin is having a boy and we're having a girl, said that it was a boy after seeing the ultrasound.


The Ahue's said...


This is Tracey (Josh's sister). I stop in on your blog every once and while, you are so good at keeping up with it. I think I'm up to once a month on mine. Anyway, congrats on your pregnancy, not sure if you heard or not but we're also having another (our third). When are you due? I thought I'd be due closer to Josh and Joanie's wedding but I'm due on 7.9.09.

By the way, your boys are so, so cute.

Anonymous said...

What Benny said is sooo sweet! When Sandy was pregnant with her third her oldest, Will, who was almost 3 at the time saw her belly button sticking out. He pointed to it and said "Mom, is that the baby's penis?" Then a few days later he became very concerned with the baby coming out and said "Mom, that baby is going to tear your shirt to shreds when he comes out!" He then went and got a strainer from the kitchen and said that he was going to use it to pick up the broken pieces of her shirt.
Kids really do say the cutest things! Congrats again!
Beth Burcham