Monday, January 26, 2009


So, I think its kind of funny that Charlie just makes this "kakkk" sound instead of speaking, but deep down I guess I'm worried that he'll be going to kindergarten and he'll be known as "that kid who makes weird sounds."

Over the weekend we were up in Columbus celebrating Grandpa H's birthday and supposedly he said both "Wow" and "Hole," neither of which I heard with my own two ears, but who am I to disagree? (Especially when we've got a minimum of 100 to reach!).

Today at breakfast he was making his special noise again and I said, "Charlie, do you want a bowl? Can you say bowl?" And believe it or not, he did say "bowl." We gave high fives and had breakfast.

P.S. Do you remember the line in Hamlet where Hamlet is asked by--I can't remember if its Claudius or Polonius--what he's reading and Hamlet replies while scanning his book, "Words...words. Words." That was awesome.

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