Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas is officially over

Last night we finally got around to taking down the tree and decorations. The boys wanted to help and, as things go with toddlers, made the process more difficult than it had to be. We put on a Bob the Builder Christmas video one more time before it went into storage and that was a good idea. Part way through the video they looked up and realized how empty our house looked. I agreed. It is always so hard to take down the stuff that makes your home feel warm and cozy. But they weren't just sad because Christmas was over, they were devastated. Tears were flowing. If sports don't work out for them, there's always the theater.

They went to bed before the tree was taken down and the furniture rearranged, so they didn't get the full effect last night. Though, I didn't expect more tears this morning when there wasn't a trace of holiday decor and they saw the tree carcass laying next to the curb.

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