Monday, January 5, 2009


When I was a freshman at OU I went with my friend Fort to see our beloved Bobcats play basketball. We were down 5 pts. with .4 seconds to go in the game. Not 4 seconds, mind you, but point-four, less than a second. As OU's coach calls a timeout fans started milling out of the arena, but I made Fort and a couple of friends stay until the end.

"Why? There's absolutely no way that they can pull this thing out," she cried. And she played varsity basketball, so she would know that it's near impossible for our team to win.

I plead with her, "But we just have to believe in them!" and our two other friends just laugh.

As this is going on someone walks by and says, "Hey Fort! Aren't you getting out of here?"

She replies, "No, we have to stay because Annie believes."

That turned into a bit of a joke afterward, in that they made fun of me because I wouldn't give up. If you want something to happen badly enough it is possible, right?

Well, I guess she proved to me that this isn't always the case. My friend Melissa, known lovingly as Fort passed away over the weekend after at six-year battle with cancer. I am completely heartbroken. It is so difficult for me to imagine that a person with so much love and energy and kindness can be gone from this world. I honestly thought she was going to beat this. I know that she went into hospice after Thanksgiving, but she went home the Friday before Christmas. In the pictures she posted on her blog she looked beautiful! So healthy and happy. I thought for sure she was on her way out of this mess.

Today would have been her 31st birthday.

I can't seem to think of anything else. But I do have some wonderful little angels that happen to live in my house. Yesterday Louie asked why I was crying and I told him that the friend of mine that we've been praying for at night has gone to heaven to be with God. He told me that he, Benny, Charlie, Daddy, all my aunts and uncles and cousins will take care of me.

"And Mom, you'll see her again when you go to heaven," he says.

I know Louie, but it's just hard right now.

Nick (her brother) & Fort

My mom, Fort, Cory, Cory's Mom, Fort's Mom, Me

Fort & Me


aunt cassie said...

hi Annie. I am so sorry. Last night I read your before Christmas comments about Fort for the first time. Your Mom told Uncle Paul last night that she passed away. What a beautiful friendship you seemed to have and your comments about her and what she brought to your life will be your memory of someone who played a role in shaping you as the special woman you are. People influence our lives in ways that sometimes we can't understand. No matter how brief that relationship is. You have lost two very special friends at your young age. Many of us have not and can not comprehend how difficult this is for you. My prayers to her family and to yours. Love you Annie

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post, Annie. She was a wonderful woman who will be missed dearly by everyone who knew her. Hang on tight to your memories - they will get you through the hard times. I'll see you tomorrow.

The Starkey's! said...

Oh Annie - I am so sorry about your friend. I checked out her blog and just can't believe her great spirt even during her sickness.
Glad you got to visit with Jamie! She loved it!