Monday, January 19, 2009

Fun Friday Night

Last year we tried to start a new tradition. There's a family that we grew up with that has kids who are pretty much the same age as me and my siblings. And as things tend to go when you grow up, we didn't see them nearly as often as we'd like. We tried to meet up once a month, rotating to different people's houses. It only happened once.

We're hoping things will change this year, and to start it off we hosted it this past Friday. We had a great time, and I can see many more of these fun nights happening in the future. It'll be especially neat to see the group grow: besides me, there were two others pregnant! Erin, of course, is due at the beginning of May and Lexi's Mom, Damara is due at the end of May.

The boys were so excited to see Lexi who they haven't seen in quite a while. The greeted her with lions growls. Nice. What's great about Lexi is that she just goes with it. She doesn't freak out when the boys want to wrestle around or act like rabid animals.

But the one who loved Lexi's visit was Charlie. Lexi was giving out hugs and Char-Bear really appreciated the attention instead of the getting knocked over or excluded from a "big kid" game.

Charlie also provided a laugh later as he climbed in our throw blanket ottoman and Damara said, "Look! It's a Charlie-in-the-box!" (Anyone familiar with the Island of Misfit Toys on Rudolph?)

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