Friday, January 9, 2009

Belated Christmas Post

Thanks to this fabulous couple, I have my camera once again. They will be welcoming their lovely daughter sometime this April. (And she is lovely, I saw her in 4D.)

Jim & Jamie

Here are some shots from our annual trip to Festival of Lights. Uncle Joe and Aunt Erin went with us on the mild night that was packed with other zoo-goers.

This snowflake or snowball or snowperson had great moves! The zoo had piped music playing and he/she/it was getting down to the delight/confusion of the boys.

It was tight in the barn, but we did our best to get a picture taken infront of the manger scene.

(This is out of order, but...) this is Katie's last day with us before heading back to LA. The boys (and Mommy!) have such a good time when she's here.

Charlie is sincerely sad Tia Katie is leaving.

When the boys returned to school this Tuesday their books bags were filled with stuff from 2008. Here are a few of their art pieces.

Louie's angel. The wings are made out of his hands, and he worked really hard to draw arms with hands.

Benny's Christmas tree. Kevin thinks that this was a representation of his protest to ornaments being hung high on the tree, out of reach of little hands.

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