Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ten Minutes in the Snow

Finally! We're ready to go. I was right, though, no gloves. Louie wore mine, Benny wore Louie's (which are too big for Lou), and Charlie started out with no gloves, but I ended up finding some in the van for him.

It was not good snow for packing, but great for making snow angels! I don't know how he did this--it looked too cold! They wore their pajama pants with two pairs of sweatpants over that and a few pairs of socks under their boots. (In addition to the winter coat, scarf and sweatshirts and T-shirts over pajama shirt.) I really need to look into stocking up on winter gear.

Once again, another great hand-me-down from Aunt Robin. This is one of those flexible gliders, the old wooden sled with metal bars that probably works great going down hills, but was very slow in our backyard.

For whatever reason the boys' hats kept falling in their eyes. That probably bothered them more than the cold snow!

Ben wanted hot chocolate, Lou had to go to the bathroom, and Charlie looked like Audrey in Christmas Vacation when the went to cut down a tree. I swear his eyes were frozen. So it may have been a bit longer than ten minutes, but not by much! It was totally worth the 45 minutes we took to get ready ;)

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