Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rocking Out on a Snow Day

And-a one and-a two and-a three. HIT IT!

This is what they said before I was able to press record. They really like to rock out. They all went downstairs to pick which instrument they wanted (with the construction going on in the basement they aren't allowed to hang out down there). Lou came up with the keyboard; Ben, the tambourine and some sort of xylophone; and Charlie had his guitar and shades. He's all about presentation.

Don't you wish you were here, in person, to get an all-day live performance??

When we were driving home from Columbus last weekend Lou says to Kevin, "Hey Dad. Why don't you put on some of that rock 'n roll music?" Where do they come up with this stuff? I feel like I'm a parent in the '50s. Especially since I think we were listening to talk radio. Yikes!

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Amanda said...

I love Lou's look at the end of the video. It's like he's thinking, "Mom, I am the only one who's taking this seriously. Every one else only cares about the sunglasses." Hilarious! If you have any more good run-the-energy-out-of-the-boys ideas, pass them my way! We're in dire need too!