Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A part of me is gone (but not for good)

Sorry for the weird title! You know how some people are absolutely, completely lost without their cell phone/hand-held-computer-thingy? Well, that's the way I am with my camera. I think part of this reason is that my memory is so bad that I think I'll forget something if I don't record it in some fashion.

Yesterday the boys and I had a great time driving out with our friend Abbe to Jamie's house, her sister and my friend. Unfortunately, amidst all the fun and then the craziness of packing up our stuff and the boys I left my camera :(

Not sure when I'll get it back, so the pictures I have of the Festival of Lights may be a bit delayed, and you won't get play-by-play action of the boys daily activities for a bit. (Though, some may be relieved!)

~Have a safe and happy new year!~

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