Saturday, December 6, 2008

The sixth of December was covered with snow...

Today is St. Nicholas Day and in our house that means that when you wake up you find special treats that St. Nick has left for you in your stocking. This year the boys each received a jungle hand puppet, chocolate candy, along with apples and tangerines (apparently, St. Nick didn't realize if you leave bananas in your vehicle outside in the freezing weather they turn a really unappetizing brownish-gray color).

We woke to a yard covered in the beginnings of a snowfall and after admiring the beauty of the first real snow, they dived into the candy, then began using the puppets and tools for wrestling each other.

Lou's not a big fan of tangerines, or anything citrus. He put on a good face, though.

Charlie had no idea what was going on. His brothers were in his face checking out if he got anything good.

Now he's excited!

But the real joy came when he realized what was wrapped in shiny paper!

Watching in anticipation of making snowmen and having snowball fights. Mommy's not sure she wants to brave the cold today.


Katie Starkey said...

What fun boys you have!
Hope your pregnancy is going well!

Liz said...

Adorable puppets, and that pic of them in front of the window is just precious. I always enjoy seeing what your three boys are up to!