Sunday, December 28, 2008

Celebrating Christmas (Part IV)

Santa must have been getting full. The boys wondered why he couldn't finish his snack.

Tools are a big deal at our house, and Benny received something like a 50 pc. set. There's nothing they like better than copying Daddy.

I had the boys hold their favorite gift from Santa and Benny held up his set of Mickey Mouse figurines.

There was no better reaction than Charlie opening up his ultra-soft panda bear stuffed animal. He immediately gave it the biggest hug you've ever seen.

Louie's favorite gift from Santa was actually a Bengal tiger that was given to Charlie. Luckily Charlie is a good share-er.

This is a gift Louie got (and all three are enjoying). It has discs like a Viewfinder and shines down an image that you can trace, then color.

A couple of quotes from the morning:
  • "I guess Santa must not have gotten my letter," says Louie in the saddest tone he could muster. (Apparently, the one thing he really wanted he didn't get.)
  • Louie taps me on the shoulder after all the gifts have been opened, "Santa must have thought we were pretty good, afterall, huh Mom." Yep, Lou, you guys can behave however you wish and in Santa's eyes you'll still be good. What are we going to do with these guys??

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