Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A great job for Lou & Ben

I borrowed a pregnancy exercise DVD from the library and have the good fortune of having to extremely motivated "trainers" in the house. Louie and Benny were so pumped to begin the exercise routine that I really had no choice.

Ben lasted five minutes into the workout, where he promptly climbed up onto the couch, cuddled with his blankie, and fell asleep. Lou did about 15-20 minutes, then decided that "this is exercise for girls with babies in their bellies."

It really isn't too bad of a video. Over the past five years I've seen a number of them and they can be pretty terrible. I'm talking about the workout part. I think that it is mandatory for the host to be a bit on the obnoxious side. Or else they wouldn't be where they are. Take this particular lady: she announces mid-workout that she worked out every day of her pregnancy--including the day she delivered. Is that supposed to be motivating? I found it psychotic and made her out to be some sort of android that I could never relate to.

Well, if nothing else, I've got two little guys living with me who (even if they don't finish with me) ask on a constant basis, "When are we going to exercise again?" With the way this is going, I'll be ready for Joanie's wedding in no time!

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