Sunday, December 28, 2008

Celebrating Christmas (Part III)

On Christmas Eve we go to Mass then go back to someone in my Dad's family's house. This year it was at my parents. Great Aunt Mary have a grab bag of gifts, we do a cousins gift exchange and an adult gift exchange, then a special surprise at the end of the night!

Baby Cousin's first Christmas photo.

Kevin's artsy shot of all the girl cousins.

The boy cousins just don't have it together.


No fear from this guy. He was very excited to Santa Claus!

"Is this for real? Is Santa really here?!"

Benny could not wait for Lou to get off Santa's lap so it could be his turn. Before this, he was on the sidelines jumping up and down.

Maybe because it was getting late, maybe because it was loud and everyone was watching, but poor Charlie wasn't as excited to see Santa as his brothers. Notice the death-grip on Kevin's tie.

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