Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Holiday Junction!

After school today we headed down to the museum to have lunch with Owen, Eli, and Amanda, and to see the holiday train display. Much to our surprise, we ran into Grandma Alice and Lexi, too!

It was all we could do to pull them off the ride-able train. The volunteers who work there could not be any sweeter. Joseph, the man working the gate, let the train go 'round and 'round because no other kids were in line and the moms and grandma wanted to chat.

Later, there was a woman reading Christmas stories to the crew. Benny felt the need to show Charlie how story time is done, but Charlie was doing fine on his own.

Again, I was chatting and poor Charlie left the story to press these buttons. Each button operates something on the train table (i.e. the lights, or the actual train). Another nice volunteer picked him up so he could see and just as comfortable as can be, the two of them stood there and watched the trains go.

Owen and Louie would not let the lady stop reading. That, or else, they're the most thoughtful of the group and didn't want her to feel bad because all the others got up and left.

Yep, I'm still yapping while some stranger takes care of my kids.

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