Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Celebrating Christmas (Part I)

We began Christmas week on Friday the 19th when Daddy got off of work and his vacation started. We drove up to Grandma and Grandpa's house and the boys were all sorts of wound up with the decorations, treats, and piles of presents they saw!

All the family was together on Saturday and we did our annual picture in front of the tree.

Charlie opened his gift and he doesn't know that he has the right to tell his older brothers to back off! Being bigger, they thought it was their job to inspect everything he got to see if was neat enough for them to play with.

This is one of many times throughout the next week that Charlie put some odd thing on his head. He'll probably grow up to be the guy that thinks it's funny to put a lampshade on his noggin.

Louie & Benny each got a kid digital camera and patient Uncle Nick volunteered to get it started for them. They hovered in anticipation.

This quickly became Charlie's favorite toy.

Mommy & Charlie playing with the Little People house (with a "working" toilet!).

Charlie and Aunt Jill.

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