Thursday, December 4, 2008

O Christmas Tree!

Kevin took Lou and Ben to our favorite Christmas tree place, Ed's Feed and Seed. My sweetheart of a husband becomes this wheeling and dealing kind of guy and we walk out of there with a great deal on a beautiful tree...or maybe the guys selling the trees don't care too much because they're all overpriced. Who knows.

This year Charlie and I were running errands for St. Nick and not long after we got back the boys arrived not only with a beautiful and incredible smelling tree, but also with a long-standing tradition of ours: blizzards after we get the tree. Yum!

Odd picture to post, as it looks like Louie has got Charlie in a choke-hold and Benny is karate kicking. Not sure what's going on.

I've got five years worth of pictures that look exactly like this. I'm really good at writing dates on the back after I get pictures developed.

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