Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What brother?

Occasionally Lou and Ben will meet up at school, as their classes walk down the hall, or they are going to an assembly or the like. Today all the classes met in the "muscle room" where they had their Thanksgiving Feast and watched the Peanuts' Thanksgiving special.

Lou gets really excited to see his brother and Ben is completely indifferent. No reaction. No smile. No wave. It doesn't seem to bother Louie.

Benny still isn't saying a whole lot in class. (I don't know who this child is, but I will not question it because it could be so much worse.) He takes it all in and seems to really enjoy it. He says that he plays with "the other Benny" a lot. I take his word for it.

I'm hoping to get in to volunteer in each of their classes before the end of the year. Hopefully Benny will acknowledge me as his Mommy...

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