Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween & Saying Goodbye

With GREAT help from Aunt Cassie I made the boys costumes for Halloween this year. It was a lot of fun and inspired me to get my own sewing machine and go nuts. We'll see how long this lasts.

Lou and Ben wanted to be pirates and who better to accompany them than Peter Pan? Charlie probably won't appreciate that I put him in little girl tights when he gets older. I need to take advantage of this while I can!

The costumes weren't finished when we left for Florida, and with (what I assumed was) thirty minutes to go and the boys down for super-quick nap I began my work. Using sewing glue I attached the pirates' braided trim and tried to glue a hat together for Peter Pan. That didn't work, so I began hand-stitching it. Just in time!

Now, while I was working on this we were watching the news to see what the time was for trick-or-treating. Our local newscast tells us each year, why would this be any different? Well, after an hour of watching, there was no Halloween details. I called the number they had for the police department--wrong number. The fire department's number was a recording where they got you in touch with the chief. Finally I decided to call the number for the lady who cleaned the condo...and she said that there isn't trick-or-treating on the island! I guess it's mainly filled with retirees and vacationers, so if we wanted to do this we'd have to go to the mainland!

Luckily we had two condos in the same complex that the boys were able to visit! Here is a picture of Aunt Cassie, Uncle Paul, cousin Katie, and her roommate from college, Lauren. Then we went down to visit Jerry, Brooks, Erin & Bobby and they had lotsof treats for the boys!

Afterward, we heard that Uncle Billy caught wind of some buried treasure on the beach. We went down to meet him and he helped the boys find the booty!

Poor Charlie didn't get enough sleep and wasn't as into Halloween as much as his brothers were.

We were leaving the next day, so we headed down the road to where the Russians were staying to say goodbye. They know why Halloween is, but don't celebrate it there, but were totally into the spirit--as soon as we got there they had candy for the boys.

This picture doesn't do it justice--it was about as big as Ben's head! Anyway, we were telling them what the boys were dressed up as and a moment later it clicked in one of their heads, "Jack the Sparrow!!" Yes, they know American culture and they know a lot of our politics, too. They thought Charlie was an elf, but when they found out he was Peter Pan, the rest of the night they'd make comments in regard to the movie/play/book: "Look out! He's going to take off!" What was funny is that Charlie was somewhat unsure of what was going on and he was in this runner's pose so it really did look like he was about to fly.

Their kids were excited to be able to dress up, too! They were absolutely adorable and loving the tons and tons of candy.

And Charlie perked up once he discovered the joys of a lollypop.

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