Thursday, November 6, 2008

Day at the Beach & Bubble Room

On Wednesday of the week of the World Series it's always an off-day. We made the most of it! The day began with pancakes then we headed down to the beach. Lou and Ben helped Uncle Paul catch fish, and we made an awesome sandcastle with Aunt Cassie.

Later that day we headed out to Captiva for the sunset. We started at The Mucky Duck for pictures on the beach. It was a cool evening, but absolutely gorgeous. The boys had a good time doing baseball slides in the sand and looking for shells.

Can you tell this was an attempt at getting a Christmas card photo? Disastrous.

Grandpa, Benny & Louie

Charlie & Mommy

Uncle Paul & Aunt Cassie

Afterward we went to The Bubble Room for dinner. If you are ever on Captiva Island it is definitely worth the price of admission to go to this place. It's filled with toys and artifacts from the 1940s and '50s. It's mainly lit by old fashioned bubble lights. Have you ever seen them? Here's a closeup:

Everywhere you looked there was something else going on. For those of you from this area, it's someone like Jungle Jim's in that it's an odd assortment of items, and you could probably come back a hundred times and see something new with each visit.

This is from a room solely dedicated to Christmas. It's cute with moving elves and Santa sitting by a fireplace, but I wanted to get a good shot of the bubble light chandelier.

What's crazy is that I remember this little bar tender from when I was a kid. (No, I was not born in the '40s.) He shook up the concoction, took a drink and then his face lit up red.

This was our fabulous server. All the servers here wore these Boy Scout-type uniforms with patches of primarily (from what I saw) Disney characters.

Outside the restaurant is this cage that we had to put our crazies in.

P.S. The Bubble Bread really is good.

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What a great picture of Ben on the beach!