Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Benny and Money

Ben loves money. Shiny coins or paper bills, he loves it all and was the first little kid (mine or otherwise) I've known who immediately recognizes it and sees value in it, for whatever that's worth.

What's funny is that he isn't interested in spending it. He gets so excited about putting it in the bank. Not so much where our savings and checking accounts are, but in the various "piggy" banks around the house. Each of the boys received banks for baptism gifts, with Lou's being the only pig. They also got two Reds helmet banks from Great Aunt Mary that already came with money.

I should be glad that he's only three and he's a saver, something that regrettably, I am not so good at. But little Benny is going around and taking my money and storing it in his and his brother's banks. He seems to think that any currency in view is his for the taking. He just plopped a big quarter into Charlie's bank and shook it with a big smile. I wonder what the future holds for Mister Ben...

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Amanda said...

Or maybe miser Ben? :) Love the new stuff at the top of the blog!