Friday, November 21, 2008

Good to know

After talking about the incident a week ago, my friend Amanda was telling me a story that reassured me. A while back she dropped her husband and two sons off at the museum, went to run an errand, then came back to meet them.

She went down to the Children's Museum, showed her pass to get in, and was given the third degree. Are you here with anyone? I'm meeting my family. Do you have children? Yes, I dropped them and my husband off earlier. Well, we can give tours to those interested in becoming members, but we don't allow adults without children into the museum.

It went something like that, and then Amanda told them how happy she was to hear that. It was good to hear that they take such precautions to make sure that there aren't unnecessary/unwanted people in who may have ulterior motives.

The Museum is probably in the top three of my favorite places to go in Cincinnati and the fact that Charlie "escaped" from the Clifford exhibit was just a freak incident and won't happen again.

No worries, Mom!

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deb said...

Thanks Annie. I feel alot better now - although I know you had everything under control!