Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Scattered thoughts from a Scatterbrain

  • I heard the funniest joke yesterday:
Q: Why did the bird walk across the kitchen?
A: To eat, to eat! (say it out loud)
Perhaps I am hanging out with the five and under crowd a bit too much...
  • When I drop the boys off at school in the morning there is an awesome smell in the air. As much as I wish I could tell you it was coming from the Busken bakery down the street, it is not. I'm not sure of a Thai restaurant in the area, but I am smelling the oh-so-delicious aroma of Pad Thai. Mmm...if you weren't convinced that I was pregnant before know that only people with babies in their bellies are craving Thai at 8:45am.
  • My nose is sensitive. Not a big surprise, but the past few days have made me want to search out a toilet--fast. The boys are starting on colds and they have the dreaded "cold breath." So sad, because all they want to do is curl up on my lap and be comforted and all I want to do is hurl. And diaper-changing duty has become horrendous. Not sure what Charlie is eating these days.
  • Not much more than a few months into this and I am desperately seeking names for this fourth child. I found a name I thought I'd really like (though, I'd have to convince Kevin), but then when asking Benny about this morning I realized that it was a "place" name. Specifically, it's an area of town that doesn't have a great reputation. There are so many beautiful names out there, I know, but we have started a trend in our family and it would be weird to include a "Brittany" or "Gage" in it. If you hadn't noticed, we like names that are more old-fashioned, and it seems as though they've taken an "American Historical Figure" route. If you have any ideas, please send them my way!

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Liz said...

Yipee for 'old' names. I agree. I mean, look at what we named our dog. :)