Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Great "American" Pastime?

Grandma made the boys "Russian" shirts.

You know how much of a fan our family is of the game of baseball. The boys play it all year round and Louie pretty much practices from the moment he wakes until we make him go to sleep. It was neat to see so many others with the same love, especially from other countries. As you know, the guys played on a team that had 6 Americans and about 20 Russians. There were teams from throughout the US, as well as the Dominican Republic, Germany, and Puerto Rico.

Daddy up to bat.

Grandpa throwin' the heat.

Uncle Billy at the plate.

When the boys put on their catchers' equipment there were people from all the teams taking pictures of them and with them. They were like little mascots.

Some of our Russian friends taking pictures of the boys.

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Great kids!!! I love baseball, too!!!