Friday, March 14, 2008

So Happy It's Thursday

The boys had one fantastic Thursday! First, Lou goes to school and has a leprechaun visit him, bringing candy and beaded necklaces...not sure how they pulled that one off, but Lou could describe him with a beard and said how sneaky he is. They even went looking for him in a closet. Hmm.

Ben & Charlie didn't have quite the eventful morning that Lou had, as they just accompanied me on some errands (side note: the first time they questioned what an "errand" was we were going to Aunt Erin's and now they always think we're headed up to Mt. Washington, which gets them pumped up and then terribly disappointed).

Aunt Jill met us at Frisch's after school where we were able to use our Valentine's coupons from Aunt Jane & Uncle Tom. They both got hamburgers and french fries with lemonades. Charlie had fruit and sweet potatoes.

Easter came early for the boys as Aunt Jill gave them "Easter buckets" filled some fun goodies, including a kite! They cannot wait until they are given the opportunity to put Thomas and Lightning McQueen kites to the test!

Later, Aunt Joanie surprised them with tickets to the premiere showing of "Horton Hears a Who," the Dr. Seuss movie staring Jim Carrey and Steve Carrell. This was the first big screen event for the boys and they had a fantastic time! I'll get a picture of the boys wearing their Horton ears--pretty cute.

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