Monday, March 31, 2008

All Aboard!

Lou's shirt for the day.

Louie turned all of four-years-old on Saturday and we celebrated by having a train birthday party. Guests were sent an email with a boarding ticket attachment that they had to print out and bring to the party. We turned the big ol' box (so big that Lou and Ben could both be in there and have room to dance around) that the patio furniture came in into the ticket taker booth. Lou held a hole punch in his hand and pretended to be the Tom Hanks character in The Polar Express movie.

We had a train birthday cake that was decorated in honor of the Reds, as the party was held on the eve of Opening Day eve. Trains and baseball were major parts of the birthday boy's day. He's ready for the season now with a hat, jacket, and T-shirts with the Reds logo on it. He got some really neat Thomas the Tank Engine books and toys, and he even got his first "big boy" bike, although he's a bit apprehensive about it.

This is pretty funny. Lou got one of those musical cards and this one played baseball music on an organ.

It was almost like he was seeing the baseball field and hearing what was going on. I know, it's not as easy to see when you can't hear the card, but believe me, it was pretty funny.


Katie Starkey said...

Aunt Abbe got Taylor a musical card for Easter. She LOVES it. Holds it open and dances with it. Unfortunately, she opened and closed it too many times and it is now broken. So much fun while it lasted!

Annie said...

They are definitely worth the money! Even Charlie loves it. He dances every time it's opened :) I wish I had it on tape!