Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patrick's Eve


Last night we celebrated St. Patrick's Eve and colored our eggs for Easter. Here is a sampling of the eggs we decorated.

We introduced two new techniques, other than the good ol' crayons and dye. One is simple enough, using rubber bands to create white space on the egg while dipping it. The other is taking tissue paper used for gifts, craft punches, and decoupage (or, glue & water as we did). These first two pictures are examples of the two. Josh did the nicely symmetrical egg on the left and Erin did the tissue paper egg on the right. (Sorry for the lack of symmetry on my part with these pictures! Trying to do a different set up and can't figure it out.)

On the left is the traditional way of doing it. Joe did a 1/2 dip with this egg. He also made the leprechaun egg at top. On the right is a modern take on egg decorating. Joanie took the whole tissue paper egg to the next level and make it 3D.

The boys had a ton o' fun doing this and unfortunately I don't know why the uploaded pictures aren't on here. When I find them I'll post them again. If you enlarge the photo of all the eggs I'm sure you can find them in
the meanwhile.

As I'm sure you can imagine, their
supply of eggs ran out quickly because they are so chock-full of creative juices that they can put out color eggs in 1/2 the time of us adults. They then began to make Easter drawings and "secretly" stuffing themselves full of St. Patty and Easter cookies, candies, and other treats. This made for a fun bedtime!

Charlie enjoyed watching all the action while eating his Cheerios and cereal. Here he is all tuckered out on Uncle Joe's shoulder.

And here is the picture of the Easter Bunny created especially for you by Louie "Leonardo" Hess!

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