Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Charlie's Picture Day

We decided back when Lou was a baby that we do professional pictures every six months. Charlie's six-month birthday came and went ended up happening today, inching toward eight, but still at seven months.

This is my favorite age for taking to the portrait studio. Although he's mobile, he's very happy and loves the attention. At a year...not sure what to expect. And Lou and Ben were great! They were just happy that it wasn't their turn. When did getting your picture taken turn into going to the dentist? Here are a few of the pictures our new favorite photographer, Becky at Sears, took:

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Amanda said...

Charlie's pictures are adorable! And, you are such a great mom! Brilliant idea, taking pictures of the artwork so you can "save" it without saving all of it! And, puddle jumping, on purpose! What great memories for those boys!