Monday, March 31, 2008

Opening Day in Cincinnati!

This has always been a special day for me growing up, and I wanted it to be the same for the boys. Usually we are at home to watch the parade on TV, listen to the game on the radio, and eat hot dogs for lunch. We are lucky enough to have good friends who love baseball and the Reds as much as we do. Amanda, Owen, and Eli said that they would join us downtown to watch the Findlay Market Parade.

Apparently, hanging out in the grassy area outside of the P&G building isn't allowed, but no one came out to tell us. I think the idea of telling three die-hard Reds fans, all under the age of 4 that they aren't supposed to play baseball would be too difficult for anyone to do. (Who makes a green area in the middle of concrete and want no one to play on it?)

One day, boys. One day you'll be out there running around, screaming your heads off, getting dirty and having the time of your lives.

The theme of the day was honoring Joe Nuxhall and this was just one of the many tributes to him.

Mr. Redlegs had a pretty neat ride. All the decor on the truck is made out of bats. The boys were pretty pumped to see Mr. Redlegs. (I was, too. I'm not much of a fan of Mr. Red.)

Soaked to the bone! Are we terrible moms? The boys were wet all the way to their underwear, but they were perfectly content sitting on the curb eating peanuts in the shell and waving to the passing cars.

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