Friday, March 7, 2008

Temporary Insanity

Today Steve Raleigh's dream came true. We are having a true winter storm and I refuse to turn on the TV because it will be non-stop tie-dye camera shots of the tri-state area with a running commentary by Mr. Raleigh.

A synonym for "cabin fever" is "temporary insanity." If this is temporary I am a very lucky mommy. The boys are going nutzo today. It's partially my fault in that I told them that Owen and Eli were coming over to play and because of this muerte blanca it is advisable to stay at home. Kevin got home last night just before midnight and is now trapped in Mason for three days.

Our backyard at 9:30am

Our backyard at 12:30pm

Out our front window

So, it was a legitimate storm this time. It still hasn't let up. I'll let Raleigh have his day. What happens when we are trapped in our house due to weather: Louie antagonizes Ben until Ben beats him with the nearest available toy and then Lou shrieks, Charlie can't keep socks on his feet, and I am losing my mind.

What happened to the warm weather, baseball and daffodils? The snow is not letting up and actually looks like it's getting heavier. Chances are not looking good for mommy & daddy's date tonight. Good news: Kev just got home, an unusual six hours early

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Amanda said...

You know your local weather! :) What ever would we do without the non-stop coverage? We're looking forward to whenever we can reschedule!