Monday, April 26, 2010

New Friends

My kids normally don't warm up very quickly to people. Even when they know them, a lot of times they'll hide behind me until they're ready to come out and play.

I was taken by surprise when Ben and Charlie immediately became best friends with my friend Beth's son, Lucas. We met them down at Lunken's "Land of Make Believe" park on a sunny afternoon last Wednesday. I'm not sure why it was given that name because it's not too different from a lot of other parks, but the kids had a good time running around.

This is Lucas' younger sister, Peyton. Isn't she adorable? She was wearing a Reds outfit that wasn't pink, so she got a star in my book :)

Charlie was eagerly waiting for Peyton to get off so he could try out the rockin' pig.

And I was taking a moment to love Meredith little legs and adorable shoes before she grows out of them and is running around so I can't take a picture!

It really is a nice park with a fence around it so the kids don't wander out into the parking lot, out over to the air field. That wouldn't be good. And the boys just loved the dinosaur and the rocking toys.

So, I discovered that Meredith has never been on a swing before. Ok, maybe she has, but maybe she wasn't that into it? Regardless, on this day she was riding on this swing and was on Cloud 9. Giggling away, so happy to be going up and down. Thinking back, many of the parks we've been going to only have the big person swings, not these special baby ones. Or maybe the boys took up all the swings and needed to be pushed? I don't know. But I do know that I need to take more time for her--and make sure she gets all the swinging time she wants!

She was loving big brother Benny pushing her! I wish I could have recorded her laughing away. Meredith is lucky to have three big brothers that love her so very much.

Thanks Beth, Lucas and Peyton! It was great hanging out with you all :)

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