Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Friday with Friends

(I forgot to include this from last week. With all these cute kids, I definitely wanted to post this.)

Great-Grandpa and his great-grandchildren

Kevin had Good Friday off and joined us at Dulle park for lunch with Grandpa M, Grandma R, Grandma Alice and the kids. They had a great time on the playset, but even more fun down by the creek.

Jay, Eva, Meredith, Charlie, Benny, Louie, Lexi, Gracie

I'm sure I've talked about it before, but growing up there were two families, each having four kids. Most, but not all the kids "matched up" age-wise, and we were pretty much always together. Vacations, camping trips, going to the pool, park--we even lived two doors down from each other. Those two families grew up and now the kids are having kids. This picture is the product of four of those families (above names color-coded by family).

I love it that we were all so close growing up, and now our kids will be!

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