Monday, April 26, 2010

First Game of the Season!

(For most of us!)

We saw this truck while we were walking from our parking garage down to the stadium to watch the Reds take on the Dodgers. They were putting up the skeleton for a new building and the boys are now convinced that Batman is moving downtown.

The boys had practice on Kevin's birthday, so we decided to go the day before and Aunt Joanie was able to get us some tickets for that night. I haven't made Meredith's Rosie Red costume yet, so we settled for a red and white polka dot outfit. The original capris were striped, but it was too cool for them. So she ended up looking like Minnie Mouse instead!

We packed the usual of hot dogs and peanuts, but the more interesting aspect of this picture is the shot of the two people in between Ben and Charlie. So bizarre.

It was a school night, yes, but it was Daddy's special birthday game. We stayed until after the Reds batted in the 7th. The score was 9-4. We could chalk this up as a winner.

We were walking back to the van when a guy drove by us while we were stopped at a corner. "They tied it up!" he yelled to the family in clad in Reds gear. WHAT? I thought for sure that he was just joking with us. Sure enough, when we made it back to the garage and turned on the radio it was tied.

We listened on the drive back and luckily our Reds pulled it out, 11-9. We should have stayed!

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