Saturday, April 17, 2010

Long Overdue

It's been way too long since we've visited the zoo. Today was a great day to visit--and most of the city had the same idea. The weather was mild and Daddy was home and there's almost nothing the boys like more than when Daddy can come somewhere with us.

We were lucky we chose that day to go because I'm not sure if the tulips would be there the next weekend. They were definitely over their peak time. Maybe because of the warm start to the month they bloomed earlier?

I don't remember these from last year. I thought they were so pretty, looking like someone took a paint brush to add the red stripes. Benny liked them, too.

The manatees have returned! Well, these aren't the two we had before, but the boys were excited all the same. They are two females named Turner and CC Baby. I'm not sure if CC will keep the "Baby" part attached to her name when she gets older.

Ah, we're getting to the age where pictures do not want to be taken and attitudes prevail. Look at Louie's sweet face. So mad because Mommy wanted a picture with the tulips instead of the reptiles.

But Meredith was excited!

And this Gibbon caught Meredith's eye. If I get a chance I'll post the video of her reaction to him. So loud, and she though he was hilarious.

Unfortunately, the digging area wasn't open, but at least we got this picture of Charlie hanging out under the gorgeous wisteria.

And no trip to the zoo is complete without the classic rhino pic!

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